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Couldn't you just die?

Scream Queens icontest/icon battle community
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icontest and icon battle commmunity
good morning, sluts
Welcome to scream_stills, an icontest and icon battle creative community. We focus on the breakout hit mini-series Scream Queens (airing on FOX network). This community is dedicated to providing a haven for creativity in 100x100 px limitations. So have fun, and get creative.

suck it
In Kappa Kappa Tau, pledges have to adhere to house rules. When The Chanels took over, the rules changed: instead of an all-inclusive, open rush, a higher standard of qualifications had to be met. The rules changed once again when Dean Munch intervened, and an open rush was once again instated. The same is true here at scream_stills. Icontest house rules need to be adhered to, membership is open to all, and anyone can participate in the challenges and vote for the best icons.

Icontests are bi-weekly, screencap provided, prompted icon making challenges that the mods post on a regular schedule. The mods will NOT participate in icontests. Screencaps that are provided will be from a third party hosting site such as www.screencapped.net, www.kissthemgoodbye.net, etc... The screencaps we provide will NOT be enhance or altered in any way, shape, form or fashion. It is up to you to edit these caps for the challenges. This includes cropping. Icons must be within the LJ standards: no larger than 40KB and 100x100 in size.

Note: There are some differences in what we do here versus what is done elsewhere, so it's best to check out this post. If you have questions, please leave a comment there.

bitch punch
Icon Battles sound scary, don't they? Well, you don't need to scream, because they're not as scary as being chased by the Red Devil or as difficult as trying to discern who the secret killer is in Kappa Kappa Tau. Find a fellow pledge and challenge them to give Scream Queens screencaps the best mini-makeover.

Icon battles are open to any and all members of the community (including the mods, but strictly in participation only battles). Battles must involve two entrants but may involve many, depending on how many people want to battle! There are no screenccaps provided by the mods, no themes prompted by the mods, no restrictions on time frames, no restrictions on how many icons may be submitted from each entrant, and no points are awarded for icon battles at this community. All icons made in icon battles are up for grabs. Anything goes in icon battles INCLUDING animation, blending and text. And there are two types of icon battles: win/lose and participation only.

For more information on how icon battles work, visit this post, this post and this post.
sorority rush
It's rush week, and we would love to have more members of our community! The more people who participate creates more fun for everyone!

So, if you would like to pimp this community, you can use one of the banners and text here or create your own. :) Please make sure to obey the rules of the community to which you wish to pimp this stillness comm! This community and the mods do not take responsibility for any broken rules.

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If you wish to affiliate with this community, please PM mastiffgirl . We will automatically accept requests for affiliation with other stillness/graphics communities and general communities for American Horror Story and any AHS fandom-related communities (such as ship comms). We will consider affiliation with general comms and landcomms and get back to you within 72 hours. If we haven't responded to your request, please PM mastiffgirl to give a gentle reminder. :) Thanks!

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