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Icon Battle registration

Want to challenge a fellow pledge? Here's how you do it.
(ganked from iq_coliseum)

Bitch, I'm gonna slap you so hard...
This means you want to start a battle, and you're putting your name out there to be matched with a random person/people with similar interests. After this, we can only hope that you agree and proceed to battle phase!

The comments won't be screened, so, if by perusing the list of applicants you find someone you think suitable, you can ask them directly by answering to their comment. After the match is made and accepted by the other party(ies), feel free to talk amongst yourselves about details. You can leave suggestions on your form, but fine adjustments such as definitive theme(s), number of caps chosen and time to complete the battle, etc... will be left for all of the participants to decide. Please make a notation that offers for more applicants no longer stands once all decisions have been made. Potential applicants will know that a battle has been decided upon by looking at the battle thread comments. If you see a discussion in progress, that means that battle is no longer accepting applicants. The mods will delete the battle thread once that battle is posted to the main community page. (**Note: The first battle thread will be left open as an example for future battle threads, but the battle has already been decided upon and is no longer taking applicants.)

Please fill in the form below and leave it in the comments. You're not required to fill the entire form, but the more information you give, the more chances you have for a successful match.

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