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Icon Battle information

We do things a littttllleee differently here at scream_stills Here's the gist:

  1. Icon battles are NOT worth points, unlike most other icon battles, because this community is not part of a landcomm.

  2. Anything goes in icon battles INCLUDING animated icons! So have at it!

  3. Whoever decides to enter into an icon battle will decide on the theme/number of icons submitted/timeframe/win or lose battle. Participants are responsible for posting a poll if the battle is win/lose! Mods will post who won the battle and any specific winning icons shortly after the battle ends, and banners will be made at a later time.

  4. If you wish to join a battle, peruse the battles submitted in the registration post and alert the person/people involved in the battle. Once details have been decided upon, submit your icon battle to the main community page using the submission form here.

  5. All icons submitted are up for grabs, but CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN TO THE MAKER! If they have any other stipulations to use their icons, you MUST follow their wishes!!! The mods and this community do not take responsibility for any broken rules the makers post.

  6. You may post teasers, but please do not post more than 2 icons per participant. Post the rest of the icons in the battle under an LJ cut. You do not have to use a table, but you may if you wish.

  7. All entered icons in icon battles must be labed with the following classes: Pearls, Diamonds, Lace, Fur.

  8. Classes are used when registering your battle. You may make as many icons as you wish (within the icon limit--already agreed upon with your challenger beforehand) for any class. Each participant must designate a certain amount to each class, but you must use each class at least once.

Pearls: 2 icons
Diamonds: 3 icons
Lace: 1 ionc
Fur: 3 icons

  • The number of icons you create for a specific class does not have to match those of your battle competitor.

  • (Example: You could have 6 icons for the Ghost class and your competitor may have 3.)

  • The classes are used in other icon battle comms to designate points for each class (and, therefore, how many points you have earned per icon in that class), but since there are no points for our battles, the classes are used to organize the icons that have been submitted.

  • Again, battles are not worth points, just fun!

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