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Icon Battle submission information

Bitch Punch submission

So you're ready to submit your icon battle? Great! Fill in the form below with all of the information then create a new post in the main community page and the mods will make sure everything is submitted correctly so we can get your icons up.


  • Icon battles are NOT worth points.

  • If this battle is win/lose, it is your responsibility to have created a separate poll with all of the icons you wish to include for voting.

  • If this battle is participation only, you do not need to worry about creating a poll.

  • You may post teasers, but please do not post more than 2 icons per participant. Post the rest of the icons in the battle under an LJ cut. You do not have to use a table, but you may if you wish.

  • All icons created for an icon battle are up for grabs. Feel free to make stipulations on usage, however. These are your creations, and we want to make sure you feel comfortable sharing them!

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